An El Rey’s Garage Production, 2024

Hot Rod History Lessons, the podcast, takes listeners on a remarkable, entertaining journey back through time. Eyewitness accounts of early hot rod, racing and custom car culture come to life as told by the heroes and game changers who were there. True, inspirational origin stories, from the television show of the same name, bring subscribers the complete, uninterrupted colorful interviews that have been left on the cutting room floor. As an added bonus, listeners are taken behind the scenes of a television episode actually being made as producers ask questions, crew’s laugh and clapper boards mark the scenes. Podcast lovers of super cool history are guaranteed to be entertained as they enjoy these historical tales of the past and behind the scenes making of a popular television show.

Check your local listings for Hot Rod History Lessons  the TV Show beginning Fall of 2022


An El Rey’s Garage Production, 2016

Join the original “Hillbilly-Hoodrat” Brother JD as he and his guests discuss all things “Americana”! A true celebration of the Blue Collar Nation! All episodes are available at Brigade Radio One.

Episode #1 In West Adams talking music and rides with The Centuries, Blake from the Odd Squad, and David Conrad

Episode #2  In Las Vegas with talking Hollywood and music with The Bo Wilson Incident, Danny Wilde, and the famous Chris Mulkey

Episode #3  In Wild and Wonderful West Virginia talking moonshine and survival with kin folk

Episode #4  In Venice Beach at The 5th Annual DogTown Rumble Car Meet talking rides and love with local gear heads

Episode #5  In the Pacific North West enjoying home brews talking life and music with The Clay States, and local musicians

Episode #6  On the Boardwalk of Venice Beach talking real life with world famous tattoo artists Viking of Badsville from House of Ink and Jersey Joe from Tattoos After Dark

Episode #7  At the Long Beach Swap Meet talking cars and dreams with Seven from West Coast Customs, Moonshine Mark from Wrench Wars, and local gear heads