Brother JD Music Video

Hey childrens… this little video was shot in another club in Los Angeles. The song was written after my wife lovingly called my backyard built motorsickle the “whore” because I spent all my extra time and money on it. The bike’s name is actually “Plain Jane” just to set the record straight. This song is about that other woman. Wearing my sons football helmet, I got a lot of footage from riding around at night with a video camera sticking out of the face mask. Hope you dig it!

Wuzzup childrens… welcome to the music side of my life. Please check out these stanky grooves and enjoy yerself!! This album here was made from a live set in a tiny dive bar in Los Angeles California. This is an improvised set with one rehearsal. Hope you dig it… mistakes and all!! Just the way I like it… no polish!


Thanks for stoppin’ by! Welcome to another side of artistic freedom. These are a few of my latest tunes that I took to the studio for a proper recording. Hope you like what you hear. I wrote, played bass, and sang on these with the rest of the instrumentation and production handled by my good friend Sharkman at Stone Skipper Music in Topanga Canyon, California. You may also recognize one of the cuts from a recent TV show opening.Brother JD Music Video.