Hello brothers and sisters!!  Here is the latest from the garage. The TV show that will be aired soon is supposed to be up on the big screen in September…


They actually tell me Sept 2nd, Labor Day evening. I will post the channel/time as soon as the powers that be say it’s ok to do so. We should be looking for ads for the show called “Turn & Burn” hopefully in the next few weeks. I am so excited to see the art that we and the production crew turned out for this blast of a show. Stay tuned.

Also in the news. Met a very cool artist known as “Mio”. We have decided to work together to bring forth some very interesting, cool, vibes in the medium of photography and sheet metal. From my own photos of the rides I have done, Mr Mio will transform these images into colorful, psychedelic, visual pieces of art and a select few will make it to actual large pieces of aluminum. Can’t wait to see what this guy does for my strange hillbilly-hoodrat photography. Stay tuned. Here is just a sample of what he does and to dig a little further, click on the link to read all about him and his artwork.