As mentioned before, thrilled to now offer limited edition prints of the “Hillbilly-Hoodrat” side of life. A bit of history. As I was working in the garage, along comes this tall European lookin’ dude and we start talkin’ about his girlfriend’s car problems. One thing leads to another and I find out he’s also a local Venice artist, specializing in high end sports car type artwork. So I check out a few pieces he’s done and was blown away. I’m thankful to have met Mio, and even more grateful that he would take the time to create these awesome pieces of art that people can actually afford. We are offering limited edition prints of the colorful rides that make up each episode of “Turn & Burn”. Each piece is hand numbered, uniquely autographed and authenticated by Mio and myself. Hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I do. I will have the “Pimptastic” hanging over my couch in our living room as soon as possible…..and that… no BS.    Your Brother JD