February 2014

Be2vDSnCIAAszYUHellooooo brothers and sisters!! Well, here’s the latest on the TV show!! As of late, we are getting a lot of emails from different parts of the world. England, France, Philippines, Poland, Sweden and many from Australia and New Zealand. Apparently the show is being aired in some way or another in those countries to which we say….AWWWWRIGHT!! Welcome to the family all those that have watched and dug the show. We are now very hopeful to air again in the states soon!!! Many thanks to all that have written to us and Discovery in so many positive ways…..MUCH APPRECIATED!! We will always update here, on FacebookInstagram and YouTube. Because we started on YouTube…we are now posting more there so we can keep in touch with the family.


August 2013

Ok brothers and sisters, here is the latest info on the T.V. show!

What I can tell you at this time is…

We here at El Rey’s Garage have just wrapped up shooting 6 episodes of an all new original series called “Turn & Burn” which features the “hillbilly-hoodrat” style of automobile customization! This show will be airing on The Discovery Channel on September 2nd, 2013. We are so excited for everybody to see what we’ve been up to!!! Keep checkin’ here for all the latest info and pictures!! Click on the above link for a preview of thangs to come!!!!