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Mustang Project

10547101_799518260088188_1035350745803196053_oJust finished this cool little Stang for a client in Alabama. Found this ride here in Cali, transformed it and had it waitin’ for him. After I picked him up from LAX, he then drove the car straight from El Rey’s across the states where he then surprised his loving daughter with her first car!!! A Rangoon Red 1965 Mustang with a white interior!!!! THAT is a cool Dad!!!!!! For less than the cost of a used Camry, a cool classic that will go up in value over time….enjoy yer ride Simmons family!!! #goodstuff #elreysgarage #cooldad

Latest and Greatest!!

ERG3Wuzzup Family!!! Well here we are in the month of July and there is a lot goin’ on!! We just finished a run of the original 6 episodes of “Turn & Burn” on Discovery UK. What a blast it is to get emails and comments from England, Ireland and Scotland. Very much appreciate all the positive feedback especially because I didn’t know how this type of “automotive artistry” would be received by the great people of the UK!! Apparently this world is full of family members of the low budget, Blue Collar Nation!!! Work continues to be done on the 57 Pontiac known as “Smokahontas” from episode 6. Another favorite, that is pretty much complete, is “Betty” our 51 Chevy Business Coupe. We’ve had several offers to buy her, but we will hold on for as long as possible….she is BAAAAAD!! Also, we’re nearing completion on the 1964 Chevy Short Bed pickup truck known as “8 Ball”. We installed a bagged suspension, fresh interior and beautifully stained wood bed. At this point, we are just about ready for exterior paint. There may also be a Ford (W H A T ! ? ! ?) Mustang in the shop soon for a makeover. Stay tuned!!!! As always, thanks so much for all the positive feedback!!!! Peace and Love Always!!

February 2014

51 gas tank  Wuzzup Childrens!!! Ok, so as of right now…February, 2014..we are hard at work in the shop. Current projects include the 61 Bread Truck, the 57 Pontiac, the 51 Chevy and the 57 Nash. On the TV front, we are being aired in other countries as I write this. Discovery channel is offering limited numbers of El Rey’s Garage gear in the form of hoodies, T-shirts, coffee mugs, Calendars, shot glasses and coasters. Just check out the store on Discovery’s website and type in “El Rey’s Garage” in the search engine. Whispers of being aired again here in the U S of A are tricklin’ in…so for now, we work hard, play hard, love hard and keep our fingers crossed that we get to make some more fun TV!!!

El Rey’s Art Update

El Ray 11 x smallAs mentioned before, thrilled to now offer limited edition prints of the “Hillbilly-Hoodrat” side of life. A bit of history. As I was working in the garage, along comes this tall European lookin’ dude and we start talkin’ about his girlfriend’s car problems. One thing leads to another and I find out he’s also a local Venice artist, specializing in high end sports car type artwork. So I check out a few pieces he’s done and was blown away. I’m thankful to have met Mio, and even more grateful that he would take the time to create these awesome pieces of art that people can actually afford. We are offering limited edition prints of the colorful rides that make up each episode of “Turn & Burn”. Each piece is hand numbered, uniquely autographed and authenticated by Mio and myself. Hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I do. I will have the “Pimptastic” hanging over my couch in our living room as soon as possible…..and that… no BS.    Your Brother JD

The Show

1148839_10151862693278586_620066465_nJust wanted to give a loud SHOUT OUT to all those involved in creating, airing, watching and commenting on our TV show that just premiered called “Turn & Burn” on the Discovery Channel….MANY MANY THANKS!!! We had a lot of  laughs watchin’ our lives and the rides unfold as the cameras rolled. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!! Hopefully, those that watched will watch again and bring others to witness the “hillbilly-hoodrat” art of low buck ride customization and transformations. Thank you to all that were involved and especially all that left positive comments and feedback…..we really really appreciate kind uplifting feedback!!!

The Very Latest

T&B ColorWuzzup my brothers and sisters!!! Here we go. Today, saw this link to a promo for our upcoming ….”WORLD WIDE TELEVISION PREMIER!!!!!”   ….W  H  A  T!….

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! This promo captured the whole essence of how we do things in the woods and in the hoods. REALLY REALLY hope that everyone who sees this promo and the show enjoy what they are watchin’. Americana at its finest!!!

My hope… set your DVRs, watch the show with friends, have a party cuz that’s what Im gonna do on Monday night!

Thanks for checkin’ in. Until next time… Peace and Love from Your Brother JD

Latest and Greatest

Hello brothers and sisters!!  Here is the latest from the garage. The TV show that will be aired soon is supposed to be up on the big screen in September…


They actually tell me Sept 2nd, Labor Day evening. I will post the channel/time as soon as the powers that be say it’s ok to do so. We should be looking for ads for the show called “Turn & Burn” hopefully in the next few weeks. I am so excited to see the art that we and the production crew turned out for this blast of a show. Stay tuned.

Also in the news. Met a very cool artist known as “Mio”. We have decided to work together to bring forth some very interesting, cool, vibes in the medium of photography and sheet metal. From my own photos of the rides I have done, Mr Mio will transform these images into colorful, psychedelic, visual pieces of art and a select few will make it to actual large pieces of aluminum. Can’t wait to see what this guy does for my strange hillbilly-hoodrat photography. Stay tuned. Here is just a sample of what he does and to dig a little further, click on the link to read all about him and his artwork.



Image 7Welcome to The El Rey’s Garage update/blog page!!

This is where I will be updating all the latest info on life at the garage and any other info I think is noteworthy or just plain cool. As of today, we have just finished shooting 6 episodes of an original TV series tentatively called “Turn and Burn”. This show follows El Rey’s Garage all over Los Angeles as we take junked old cars, trucks and bikes and transform them into cool works of rolling art. Stay tuned for more info on when, where and how this show can be viewed.