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Filming at El Rey’s Garage

10631099_981054301934582_4888767946046274358_oWuzzup BCN Family!!! El Rey’s in production mode with these California Beetles!!!! Hopefully you’ll see ’em on TV soon….can never tell what’s gonna happen when the suits get involved!! Hang tough, never quit… and… Happy 4th of July to all!!!

Fathers Day Car Show – June 21st

1072361_968821886491157_1712499649857745790_oBig Call out to the Blue Collar Nation!! Lookin’ for cool people with cool rides!!! Let’s help out these homeless veterans!!! – Roll out and show off yer car/truck/motorsickle!! Asking all clubs, drivers and riders to bring socks, towels, and bedding for the veterans!!! Completely free and the difference you make by giving of yourself to others will be priceless. Fun stuff for kids, food trucks and dads will love to check out the cars!!! Mark your calenders —
LOS ANGELES CA 90026 Many thanks in advance!!!



El Rey’s World-Wide

1496409_944390882267591_3376250769121288053_oWuzzup BCN Family!!! Requested from the client….cats eye hooded, 60-61 Longbed Apache with a V8 and automatic. Will eventually be a dropped, patina’d out shop truck for his business. This uncut, clean Cali truck was found in San Diego near Tijuana. Now this 55 year old beauty is on it’s way to a new happy home in Australia!! If you live out of state or overseas and like that California clean, affordable American Iron…let us know. I enjoy makin’ these radical ride dreams come true!!!! We always make it fun and easy!!! Always Your Brother JD

El Rey’s Garage presents the “eRod”

11018646_912924815414198_8023863333861433189_nMornin’ Family!!! Here’s the latest….I give you the…..” eRod ” …… 1949 Chevy Business Coupe .. goin’ down to the frame to install that big ol’ electric motor…This is what it looks like now….Will keep you posted as we film this thang!!! Also…reruns today on Velocity…. 11am and Noon California time. Have a good one family…stay strong….stay warm!!!!

Turn & Burn Back on Velocity

10167928_909291125777567_2454224528605761353_nMornin’ Family!!!! Just got word that Velocity is runnin’ Turn & Burn episodes at 2pm and 3pm Eastern….11am and Noon West Coast time on Saturdays startin’ on February 14th, 2015!!!! Blue Collar Nation and them fonky lil cult classic 6 episodes still makin’ the rounds!!! Sorry they’re re-runs, workin’ on new stuff for TV land right now!!!! I keep you posted right here!!!! Thanks for all the love and support all this time!!!!

Cars Kulture Chaos 3

WUZZUP BLUE COLLAR NATION!!!!! This lil’ video was made just for YOU!!! Really really hope you dig it!!!…Can also see this on our El Rey’s Garage YouTube channel. Many many thanks to all of our friends out in AZ for treatin’ us so well and lettin’ us share yer awesome rides with the world!!! Long live this BCN family!!! Feel free to tag yerselves, share, whatever…this is yours


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Torqued Magazine Interview w/ Brother JD

brojdcarsgunsWuzzup Family!!! Hope the holidays are treatin’ you well!!! This just out today…pretty cool little article about what El Rey’s is all about. Many thanks to Torqued Magazine for the kind words….much appreciated!!!! As always, Peace and Love to all!!!!


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BoldRide Interview

I dig this article…says a lot…Thanks and Yahoo!! The Blue Collar Nation is alive and kickin’….budget rides for the cost of a used Camry!!! Americana at it’s finest!!!!


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