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Nasty Bugs!!!

These are without a doubt, THE NASTIEST VW BEETLES I HAVE EVER SEEN…PERIOD!!! See them up close and personal Monday night 630pm and 930pm West Coast time..WRENCH WARS…On MAVTV!!! Thanks for all the shares and Love!! – This is your show….”A Celebration of the Blue Collar Nation” !!

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Special Thanks!!!

Special thanks to Lowbrow Designs and Derek Mead for all of the awesome graphics work for our Wrench Wars TV show!!! Derek did all the digital TV graphics, lettering and “Dirk” the chrome domed, tooth missin’, always smilin’, wrenchin’ on his mind logo!!…ALL OF IT!!! IF YOU NEED GRAPHICS WORK – THIS IS YOUR MAN!!! Also…notice ROOF KING front and center.. Special thanks to my brother Brian Duggan …. IF YOU NEED ROOF WORK IN THE SOCAL AREA, THIS IS YOUR WELL KNOWN, HIGHLY RESPECTED COMPANY!! MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT TO BOTH OF YOU!!! See you next Monday night – PRIMETIME ON MAVTV


Please watch if you get the chance…tell yer friends….share this…tell yer relatives…yer neighbors…You know how we do.. “A Celebration of the Blue Collar Nation”!! … Check MAVTV (usually channel 214 on DirecTV) at 630pm, 930pm and again on Friday at 11am West Coast Times!!! Much Love to all who helped make this vision a reality!! YES…IM SERIOUSLY PUMPED TO SEE THIS!!

Garage Dreams on Velocity

Mornin’ BCN family!! Check out my buddy’s new show Garage Dreams – Saturday, Jan 28th in the evening on Velocity – Lookin’ forward to seein’ all the episodes of talented builders around the world!!! Honored they would let a #hackleberry like me anywhere near these dudes!!! YES…I’ll be on Saturday night with a few of my #HillbillyHoodrat rides….Hope to see you chillin’ as I look back at you through that screen!!! Always Your Brother JD

Turn & Burn

Mornin’ BCN Family!!! Just found out they runnin’ us on Velocity today….C R A Z Y after all this time!!!! Many many thanks to all who seem to dig the art of “rustoration” using the finest techniques of “craprication” …. THE BLUE COLLAR NATION LIVES!!!!

The California Kid

13131432_1164925790214098_3711685067213436397_oMornin’ BCN family!! Here’s a quick 2 minute clip of the latest offering from El Rey’s Garage – This killer 31 Ford Truck is up for sale right now – If you have a taste for cool, vintage American iron, I can find it, fix it, build it, sell it, and ship it anywhere in the world!!  Click here to view on YouTube



Wrench Wars Logo Winner!!!

12593998_1091551964218148_8901616027022716265_oWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! Meet “DIRK” the official blue collar, always smilin’, chrome dome, tooth missin’ face of “WRENCH WARS” All submissions were great and much appreciated!! This was the awesome, badazz art work of Derek Mead out of Canada. Congrats Derek!!.. your cash and swag are on the way!!! Way to make our vision come to life!!!!

Casting Call for New Show!!!

12419071_1083439525029392_7058842325468383477_oGood Mornin’ BCN family!!! Here we go….CASTING CALL!!! If you have a home built ride, IM LOOKIN FOR YOU!!!! If you or someone you know has built their own car, truck or motorsickle and you want to show what you’ve built on TV…this is your time!!! POST A PIC and let us know why you think you should be on the show. Lookin’ for guys and girls that have done most of the work themselves in home shops and small garages in this great nation. Hot Rods, Customs, Motorsickles, C-10 trucks, Restorations, Muscle Cars, Low Riders, 4x4s, VWs, Rat Rods, Race Cars, Cruisers etc…etc. Rides should be complete, able to run and be in the Los Angeles area for filming in the spring of 2016. That’s it family…let us know what you got and please pass this along/SHARE this to all of our brothers and sisters that are puttin’ in work to create their own rides. There’s a whole lot of talent out there that deserves to be recognized…I aim to do just that!!!


Click Here for Wrench Wars Promo

The One and Only…eRod!!!

11050191_920977924608887_3180724716748139154_oMornin’ BCN Family!!! If yer interested in the “eRod” – El Rey’s very first electric ratty rod – We’ve posted the first part of the documentary on YouTube – workin’ very hard to get this 49 Chevy Coupe into the “Danger Ride” position!!!! Have a good one kids!!!

Click Here to see the eRod