199099_195122673861086_800396_nHello Childrens!! Welcome to the history of El Rey’s Garage

Let’s begin with the beginning. El Rey’s Garage is a place where creation takes place. It began as a notion where I … “Brother JD” … could express my many visions of creative, artistic revelry. These art forms usually involve music, video, television production, and the transformations of cars, bikes and motorsickles. I call my particular way of creating… the “Hillbilly-Hoodrat” style of expression and interpretation.  I believe all of my work reflects this style and attitude of genuine, uniquely all American flavor. I sincerely hope that ya’ll peoples enjoy the art as much as I enjoy making it.

What is the “Hillbilly-Hoodrat” style you ask? Well, let me explain my freeeeeund. Both of my parents were born and raised in wild, wonderful West by God Virginia. I was born and raised just outside of D.C. in the predominately black area of Maryland known as “P.G. County”. There you have it. Heavily influenced by the independent nature of my mountain kin folk, and heavily influenced by the independent nature and surroundings of urban funk.

197450_195122433861110_7711378_nEl Rey’s Garage’s first attempt at video and television production was the result of wanting to show how we do things in the “woods” and in the “hoods”. As I watched television “car shows”, I realized that all of the cars and trucks being built were extremely expensive. The projects were great, beautiful, but I never saw one built for less than twenty thousand dollars, and most were near fifty thousand or more if I would have to guess. Brand new engines, transmissions, wheels, tires, paint, interiors, frame off rotisseries, you get the picture. I thought to myself…. “self,… that ain’t the way we do it in the hood”. We buy used parts from swap meets and junk yards. We shoot paint ourselves in the backyard. We build motors in the garage and find parts on eBay that are used but still in working condition. I had never spent more than five thousand dollars on a car from start to finish. My whole original goal was to show how you can build a cool ride, in the backyard, for under $5000.00. As I would build the car with my son, I would video tape the project, give descriptions and dialogue like a TV host, and in the end, put my original music all over it to give it a cool vibe. Our first video was a hit and we had a blast doing it. That was in 2009  when my son was 12 years old.

197179_195122367194450_3627376_nSomehow, somebody in New York saw our homemade videos on YouTube and contacted me. The production company Superfine Films sent me an email regarding possibly turning our little baby into a real TV show. That was back in 2011!  I flew to New York to meet these characters and for them to meet me. We hit it off right away, had the same vision, and I signed with Superfine Films to turn my reality into a reality show.

One year later, here we are. The show “Turn & Burn” has been shot into 6 one hour long episodes in HD and 3D!!  What a ride!!  We really, really hope that you like what we’ve done. I will keep you posted here with any updates, thoughts and mind puke from my tiny demented brain. Until then … Love everybody and walk in peace.               Your Brother JD